Instant Protection! Smokecloak Security

Smokecloak - Fog Secuirty

Instant Protection!

When you are suffering from losses and the security services simply cannot arrive in time to prevent them, SmokeCloak is the perfect solution. Hiding your valuables within seconds we ensure that intruders leave empty-handed. With a great deal experience in a diverse range of applications, we are very happy to help you protect yourself, your staff and your valuables from harm.

SmokeCloak products are found in some of the country’s biggest retailers as well as private homes, service stations, jewellery stores and tobacconists. Once triggered, a SmokeCloak security device will emit a dense fog, instantly obscuring vision and deterring theft or intrusion. The product is environmentally safe and harmless to humans.

Call your Smokecloak Expert on 1300 15 65 35 and speak to one of our friendly Security Consultants about what solution is right for you.