Commercial and residential security solutions


iKey Security Solutions Intercom Systems Deliver More Quality Picture and Sound Than Ever Before.

iKey Security Solutions Intercom Systems deliver more quality picture and sound than ever before. We understand that communications to your gate or door is essential for total security and convenience. At iKey Security Solutions we recommend the latest generation of Audio and Video Intercom Systems that include color LCD panels and hands free talking and Smart-device technology

iKey Security Solutions offer a range of intercoms customised for single and multiple Residential buildings as well as Commercial facilities. Intercom systems offer security and peace of mind giving you or residents a safe means to communicate with visitors and a secure way of allowing them access.

Adding an intercom to your home or business will ensure everything is safe and that only people who are invited are granted access. This is another important step to ensure that your premises are safe..Contact our office on 1300 15 65 35 and speak to one of our friendly Security Consultants about what solution is right for you.