Commercial and Residential Security Solutions

Access Control 

Take Control of Your Security; Control who has Access to your Business or Building According to your Requirements

Access Control Systems are designed to control, manage and monitor access points in buildings, offices and homes. Users can access their selected areas by using Keypads, Card Readers (Proximity Cards, Smart Cards, RFID Cards/Tokens, etc) or Biometric Readers.

Access Control can be used in conjunction with Video Surveillance to control and monitor large facilities. Access Cards can also be set up as photo-ID cards for employees in any business. miPASS programmable cards (which are secured with encryption keys) can be used for simple monitoring of employee Time and Attendance, and security patrols of your building and can limit people’s access to any area.

iKey Security installers are fully licensed and certified installers of:

  • ChallengerPLUS
  • BOSCH 6000
  • Inner Range (Concept, integriti and inception)
  • Salto Keyless Access Control

Access Control solutions are currently used in Residential, Commercial and Government sectors throughout the world. It was designed to replace multiple keys and locks which can be a nightmare to manage when lost or stolen. iKey Security can provide a cost effective and completely secure solution to meet the needs of individuals or businesses today and in the years to come.

Today’s Access Control systems have been designed with the user in mind, with easy to use and navigate windows user interfaces. iKey Security will help you eliminate the stress of potential fraud plus the cost of having to change locks and replace keys ever again. You will have the ability to log in remotely anywhere in the world to add, disable and modify users at the click of a button. iKey Security’s Access Control solutions are easily expandable so as you and your business grow, it grows with you.

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